The John McCormack Discography Project

Contributors and Assistants:

This discography was begun based upon the efforts of previous discographers:

It was helped immeasurably by the extended effort, expertise, and good will of:

The following people contributed much knowledge, effort, and time to help make the 1986 edition of the McCormack discography as complete and accurate as possible. (alphabetical listing

Steven C. Barr (Toronto) Brian Fawcett-Johnston (Kent, England) Emrys Mathews (Llandeilo, Wales)
Harry Butler (Studio City, CA) Fred Grundy (London) Padraic O'Hara (Ballina, Fire)
Ruth Edge (EMI Archivist, Hayes, England) Alan Kelly (Sheffield, England) Howard Sanner (Hyattsville, MD)
Ted Fagan (Palo Alto, CA) Miles Kreuger (Los Angeles. CA) Kenneth Steenson (London)
Christopher Sullivan (London) Bertha M. White (Toronto) John Ward (Rossendale. Lancashire)
Richard Warren (Yale University)    

The following people also contributed to the project in a variety of ways:

Richard E. Barnes (Dallas. TX) Dave Fitzgerald (Hayes, England) Lawrence F. Holdridge (Amityville, NY)
John Bolig (Dover. Delaware) Syd Grey (Sussex. England) Stephen Jabloner (Los Angeles, CA)
Liam Breen (Dublin) Peter F. Dolan (New York City) Donald Janda (Austin, Texas)
Bill Collins (Davis, CA) Neil Forster (Foxboro, Massachusetts) Anton Johannes (Pine Bush, NY)
Robert Conn (Kirbyville, TX) Keith Hardwick (London) George Frow (Kent, England)
George Creegan (Steubenville, Ohio) Louis Harrison (Austin. Texas) Larry Hooper (Austin, Texas)
John Keveny (Maywood. Now Jersey) Michael Leone (Houston. Texas) Jeremy Meehan (Youghal, Eire)
Larry Kiner (Redmond, Washington) Garrett MacSweeney (Ontario) Karl Miller (Austin, Texas)
Jim Morrison (Youghal, Eire) Jane Ybarra (Austin, Texas) Bob Rose (Voce Records, Oakland)
Bill Park (Bedford, Texas) Thomas Woodcock (London) Ed Wilkinson (Oakland, CA)
Norman Stewart (London) Francis Traynor (Glasgow) Jeff Walden (Reading, England)
John Powers (Floral Park, NY) Charles I. Morgan (Gwent, Wales) Ronald Seeliger (Austin, Texas)
Bernard B. Power (Ontario) Peter Welland (Hayes, England) Mrs. T. Peedell (Oxford)
David Kirby (Hollywood, CA) Timothy Massey (London) Patrick More (Vernon, Texas)
Frank Drake (Chicago) William Henderson (Clasgow) Shiro Kawai (Japan)
Staff of the BBC Archives (Reading) Staff of Blackwell's Music Shop (Oxford) Staff of the Yale University Library (New Haven)
Staff of RCA Victor, Listings Div. (NYC) Staff of Pavilion Records (Pembury, Engl.) Staff of the Witten Collection (Yale University)

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