The John McCormack Discography Project

Paul W. Worth, Editor

A major purpose of this part of the Web site is to encourage and facilitate ongoing 
research on the McCormack discography. 

The information available at the time to the compilers was published twenty years ago in book form. This book, John McCormack - A Comprehensive Discography (Greenwood Press, 1986), published at no profit to themselves (Paul Worth and Jim Cartwright), presented information compiled with the assistance of numerous scholars, collectors, and afficionados here and abroad.

Twenty years have passed, and the time has come to again ask for your scrutiny of the data. Many corrections and additions have been sent to us since 1985, and since that time there have been further reissues of McCormack's recordings on LP, and the Compact Disc has become the dominant recording medium for music. Many CD's of McCormack have already appeared, and more are on the way.

We are nonetheless interested in all LP's, EP's, and 45's, desiring to document all of these as well.

Those who visit this site and are interested in McCormack and his recordings and can provide corrections or additions to the information presented are urged to do so. A complete and accurate John McCormack Discography is only possible as a group effort. The files of the various recording companies provide only the starting point. Such files can be incomplete, inaccurate, cryptic, deceptive, or missing entirely. The recordings that are extant, however, are certainly real and tangible, and out there in the hands of people who still love McCormack's singing over a century after he first stood before a recording horn.

The Editors of this project, welcome any and all input from interested persons on the following topics:

Email the editors if you have McCormack research in the form of an article or essay that you would like posted on this website under your name and copyright notice.


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