Welcome to the Voice of John McCormack

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I Hear you Calling Me   (Marshall)rec.1927
Una Furtiva Lagrima (Donnizeti) rec. 1910
Kathleen Mavourneen (Grouch) rec. 1927
Oh, Sleep! Why Dost Thou Leave Me (Handel) rec 1920
Macushla(Macmurrouugh) rec 1911
Come My Beloved (Handel) rec 1924
Terence's Fareweell to Kathleen (Lady Dufferin) rec 1934
Il mio tesoro (Mozart) rec 1916
Off to Philadelphia (Haynes) rec 1941
The Star of the County Down(Trad. arr Hughes)
Ridente la calma (Mozart) rec 1924
Serenade: Mi par d'uudir ancora(Bizet) rec 1912
Mother Machree (Ball) rec 1927
Parigi, o cara (Verdi) rec 1914 with Bori
Before My Window (Rachmaninov) rec 1924
The Foggy Dew (Clay) rec 1913
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Foster) rec 1934
Ganymed (Wolf) rec 1932
Herr, was tragt der Boden Hier (Wolf) rec 1935
The Garden Where The Praties Grow.(Trad. arr Liddle) rec 1930
Little Town in the Auld County Down (Sanders) rec 1921