JOHN McCORMACK American Radio Broadcasts, 1927 - 1938

1. January 1, 1927: New Year's Day Broadcast, New York City (?), 9:41.
McCormack's New Year Greeting (spoken)
Calling Me Back to You (with orchestra)
The Holy Child (with orchestra)
On Wings of Song* [AufFlugeln des GesangesJ (Mendelssohn) (Schneider, Piano)

2. April 4, 1933: Radio City Music Hall, New York City (E. Schneider, pf; L. Kennedy (?), cello), 2:47.
Panis AngeIicus
(This recording is derived from the film that was also made of this performance. Background noise & dropout in original.)

3. October 18,1933: Vince Program, NewYork City, 3:16.
The Heavy Hours Are Almost Past* (with orchestra) (Including a fragment of spoken introduction by McCormack.)

4. September 18, 1934: Vince Program, New York City, 2:48.
FLORIDANTE: Alma mia* (Handel) (with orchestra; spoken introduction not McCormack)

5. August 20,1935: New York City, 5:25.
(E. Schneider, piano) Love's Roses Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Spoken farewell to Thomas Meighan: "Good night, Tommy, Old Pal."

6. October 11, 1936: Magic Key of RC A, Nashville.
Commentary by McCormack. Edwin Schneider, piano. 8:01.
Just for Today
The Ould Turf Fire*
The Star of the County Down

7. November 19, 1936: Royal Gelatin Program, New York City. Commentary by McCormack, 6:29.
0 Mary Dear (with orchestra and piano by Schneider)
Ever In My Mind* (Kennedy Russell)

8. December 27, 1936: Magic Key of RC A, New York City. Commentary by McCormack, 8: 12.
Oh! What Bitter Grief is Mine (with RCA Orchestra conducted by Frank Black)
The Star of the County Down (Schneider, piano)
The Silent Hour of Prayer

9. May 13, 1937: Bing Crosby Program, Hollywood.
Spoken introduction by Bing Crosby, 10:36.
Conversation between McCormack and Crosby;
Additional remarks by Edwin Schneider and others.
So Do I Love You* (Schneider, piano)
Shannon River (Schneider, piano)

10. March 14, 1937: Magic Key of RCA, New York.
John McCormack's recorded introduction of Robert Irwin, 0:46.

11. March 17, 1938: Rudy Vallee Program, Hollywood.
Saint Patrick's Day Broadcast, 7:56 Conversation between McCormack and Rudy Vallee;
Spoken introductions by McCormack.
The Garden Where the Praties Grow (Schneider, pf)
Hail, Glorious Saint Patrick* (Schneider, pf)
(The only known source of this broadcast is a set of aluminum acetates, hence the poor sound quality.)

12. April 25, 1938: Universal Notre Dame Night. Program (NEC); (McCormack's portion recorded in) Hollywood, 5:49.
Spoken introductions by McCormack.
The Bard of Armagh (Schneider, pf.)
The Star of the County Down (Schneider, pf)

Total Time: 72:11

Note: The performances on this CD are historical recordings, derived in many cases from the only known source. The originals are imperfect by modem standards, particularly tracks 1-5 and 11. Titles marked with an asterisk are songs that McCormack did not record in the studio. Tracks 6, 7, 8, 10, and 11 are derived from tapes made by NEC directly from the original line check recordings.

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